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Ezhimala (286 m above sea level) is in ramanthali in kannur district of kerala, south india and was the capital of the ancient Mooshika kings and is considered to be an ancient historical site. It is a conspicuous, isolated cluster of hills, forming a promontory, 38 km north of Kannur. A flourishing sea port and centre of trade in ancient Kerala, it was one of the major battle fields of the Chola-Chera war of the 11th cecentury. It is believed that Lord Buddha had visited Ezhimala.

The beautiful beach in Ezhimala and the nearby hillock is a major tourist attraction. The Ezhimala beaches are also known for its rare view of Dolphin jumping. Carved stone pillars, an ancient burial chamber and an ancient cave can be seen at the foot of the hills. The hills are noted for rare medicinal herbs used for Ayurvedic formulations. Further uphill is an ancient Mosque. The combination of high hills and sandy beaches, make Ezhimala a beautiful picnic spot.

Guru Freddy's Ashramam was another attraction of Ezhimala till 1983. Guru Freddy, the Belgium -born, who is known, as the "white Malayalee" is a follower of Sree Narayana Guru. He established his Ashram at Ezhimala as per the advice of Nataraja Guru. The naval authorities acquired the Ashram in 1983.

Other names for Ezhimala

This region is also known as Elimala , Mooshika Sailam , Sapta Sailam , Mount Eli and Mount the Eli

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